Welcome to Cryosalon

Cryosalon (Cryosphere System by ARGOS Land Observation Network) is a web portal dedicated to the distribution of various observation data acquired by ARGOS system for international scientific researchers.

Arctic Region
Observation Start(y/m/d) End(y/m/d)
Nalaikh 2004/01/01 2004/10/07
Nalaikh 2012/05/18 (Running)
Terelj(Grass) 2004/01/01 2004/12/31
Terelj(Forest) 2004/01/05 2004/12/31
Terelj 2013/05/29 2015/10/21
Terelj 2015/10/21 (Running)
Images(Terelj) 2015/10/20 (Running)
Bulgan 2012/10/21 (Running)
Images(Bulgan) 2013/05/30 (Running)
Tavan Bogd 2012/09/24 (Running)
BayanUnjuul 2004/01/01 2004/12/31
WoodBuffalo 2014/06/09 (Running)
Images(WoodBuffalo) 2014/06/09 (Running)

A Regional Climate Model Study

We use a regional climate model WRF as a tool understanding a local climate change with ARGOS Land Observation Network.

Altai Mountains